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Wondering what the best promotional product might be for your business?  There are so many options – just about anything can sport your logo or name – it’s hard to know where to start.  At Kwixar, we can help you create some excitement with a fun and functional promotional product. No matter the budget, we can assist you in meeting your marketing needs for promotional products and other items as well.

Watch this video and learn why promotional products bring a lot of value to a business looking to stand out and and be memorable!

Resources for promotional products
Great Fund Raising Ideas  – perfect for schools, churches, organizations and more!
It’s all about the planning.  Tips_SuccessfulPromotionalProducts Campaign
Nine Steps to Running a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

Start your search for just the right promotional product now – visit our online catalog.  Or feel free to stop by our showroom to see some samples in person.


Go to our Online Catalog

Promotional Product Ideas
Promotional Items… more than just a pen!

Contact us today for ideas, samples and prices.

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    1. Hello Calvin,
      My apologies for not contacting you earlier.
      We will be happy to email or send out a catalog for you if you are still interested.
      Please let me know by contacting me personally at and we can get info out to you very quickly.

      Print Production Specialist

    1. Hello,
      We wanted to follow up and see if you have visited our website catalog. We will be happy to mail you a hard copy of a catalog if you are interested.
      You can go to our catalog on the website as well. There is nothing to email.
      Please send your address to if you would like a hard copy of a catalog mailed to you.
      Thank you for your interest.
      Print Production Specialist

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