Barcode Decals

Kwixar offers custom printing of barcode decals used primarily for automatic vehicle identification and access control. Decals are made from a retro-reflective material and available in 56 different colors, which is useful for matching school colors, or color-coded parking areas. For an unobtrusive (almost invisible on tinted windows) decal, our popular black-on-black decal is the answer. Our reflective material offers a security factor in that once properly attached to the vehicle window, the decals cannot be removed without destroying the decal – making it impossible to be loaned or lost.

In addition to our standard decals, we offer specialty decals including: 7-inch decal for use on large vehicles, such as big-rigs, decals on cards or magnets for use with temporary vehicles, or motorcycles, decals with special logos or text.

We print decals that will work with barcode scanners from a variety of manufacturers including Accu-Sort, AFC, AMTEL, BAI, ISI, LazerData and others. Click here for more information.